Julie Wiegand has been a working artist in Missouri for over 35 years. She grew up in the Missouri River Bottoms of Chesterfield, surrounded by huge cottonwood trees and farm fields for miles. She continues to express her connection & love of the countryside through her art.

“I am drawn to simple compositions & strive to convey the feelings of my chosen subjects—solitude, peace, joy, & excitement - within landscape, figurative, & still life murals & oil painting There is true joy for me in capturing a mood with color & light.” – Julie Weigand

                                        Email: art@juliewiegand.com              Phone: 573-834-5064               Website: www.juliewiegand.com

Theresa Long, a Missouri artist and art teacher, expresses her passion for the natural world through her paintings, gardens and conservation efforts at Bethany Springs. Her 20+ years of conservation efforts serve as inspiration for her paintings and has sparked a specific interest in Painting for Conservation.

                                                Email: theresa.louise.long@gmail.com                          Website:  www.theresalongart.com

Charissa owns the Washington Community Arts Studio and is a local organic farmer, painter, and art teacher. You can read about Charissa on the website below.

About Charissa: Re-DiscoverWashington.org

Loughcrew | 16x24 oil on panel | $570
"This solitary sheep was taking in the amazing view near the summit of Sliabh na Cailli in County Meath, Ireland."

Karen Laboube is from Berger, Missouri and has been painting watercolors for many years now.

Phone: 573-834-6315

Abstract Colorist

It all started for the artist in a small upcountry village on the island of Maui some many years back when he was inspired and drawn to the fact that his lifelong career in the printing field had some very unique processes that could be adapted to very vivid and bold paintings. Taking these processes and adapting them to oil on canvas was an arduous and major task that took years to perfect. These processes of layering with water evaporation, colored and clear oil based mediums; sometimes as many as 50 layers can take up to 6 months to complete. At times with the right lighting conditions playing through each of these different layers, his works can take on the vision of glass. His works reflect his love of nature and the universe through his rendering of bold colors, shapes, and movement. His paintings capture not only how humans view these occurrences but also the various ways in which these occurrences display themselves. Although each work is created from his own inner eye, he is somewhat reluctant to share that inspiration by giving his work a name; he prefers to leave that up to each individual viewer who then becomes part of the creative process. He does not sign any of his works on the front as so not to distract from the image.

Studio Location: Hermann, MO                                                   Phone: (314) 630-6716                                                        Email: rtopmo@ktis.net

Theresa Long

Local Art

Jerry Fehlings

Searching for Fairy Bridges | 12x16 oil on panel | $280
"A beautiful sunset glimpsed from the mountains above Kotor, Montenegro during a hike in the fall of 2014."

Indigo | 5x7 oil on panel | $55
"I painted this picture from photo reference taken at a friend's house of her beautiful peacock named Indigo."

Charissa Coyle

Karen LaBoube

Julie Weigand

Bridging the Community with Local Artists

We have local art displayed at our store because we feel having a strongly defined local arts culture brings joy and beauty to a community. We enjoy being a member of an area with a wonderful arts scene, and supporting local artists helps that scene thrive.

Below is a list of local artists whose works we have displayed at the store. If you are interested in purchasing one of our displayed pieces or want to check out more work from these talented artists, see below.